Monday, September 20, 2010

The Art Of Selling Your Arts And Crafts contd

Well, folks, I'm starting a new blog. Last year my blog was: The Art Of Selling Your Arts And Crafts.

I was funny, it was funny, I had followers.

Now I'm starting over. Isn't that just the way it is with selling your work. Always a new venue or a new angle. No more fairs or stores or reps or whatevers for me. It's ETSY!

And, of course, whats the first thing I do? BUY A NEW TOY to help promote my work: a $700. camera to take better pix than the first two items I posted on Etsy with our old camera.

I've had a respectable amount of views on Etsy but no sale yet....too soon to expect it....AND, the pix are less than thrilling.

So this is my intro blog post re my Etsy adventure, Nanette's Excellent Etsy Adventure.

Stay tuned...I'm a newbie once again!

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