Thursday, September 23, 2010

Warning...never cook dinner while posting Etsy items to your store....

We (my hubby and I) have been consumed with setting up our Etsy store. Yesterday we posted 7 new items for a grand total of 9 items.

I had great dinner ingredients, I really did....veggies, chicken, great flavors........which all morphed into a blackened smokey burnt rememberance of what had started out as dinner. Why? Because I was uploading my new Etsy items that's why.

I probably should have just tossed the burnt pan out into the yard to become an artifact to some future archeological dig....but, instead I soaked that pan overnight and scrubbed it madly this morning.

So, Etsy, what "help" menu item do you have to combat obsession...."Listers Anonymous" maybe?

Looking forward to my first sale!

aka  Nanette

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